SCENE③ C  吉娜去她老板的隔间看他  


 Zina:           No, Vince, not next week. Now. You need to 1) guarantee me 5 percent.

吉娜:  不,文斯,下星期不成。我要你现在就保证我能拿百分之五。

 Vince:  But you just said 4 percent!

文斯:         但你才刚说过百分之四的!

 Zina:           If the next word out of your mouth isn't "Yes" it's going up to 6 percent.

吉娜:         若是下一个从你嘴中冒出来的字不是“好”,就会涨到百分之六了。

 Vince:  Yes! OK, yes. Stop it! You are just 2) ruthless.

文斯:  好!好就好吧。别再来了。你真是心狠手辣。

 Zina:  That's why you love me. One other thing. Did you leave me a note this morning on a green post-it?

吉娜:         所以你才爱我啊。还有件事。你今天有留张绿色便利贴在我桌上吗?

 Vince:         I don't think so. Mine are yellow. Why?

文斯:         我想没有吧。我的是黄色的。怎么?

 Zina:           3) Never mind. I'm looking for somebody who uses green.

吉娜:         别放在心上。我在找用绿色的人。


 A: Can you guarantee me that I will like this product?


 B: Oh, yes. Otherwise we will give you back your money.


 【I don't think so. 我想没有吧】


 A:  Is there anything else you want to tell me about?


B:  I don't think so.


 A:  It looks like rain.


B:  I don't think so.


 1)guarantee (v.) 保证

2)  ruthless (a.) 冷血无情的

3)  Never mind. 别在意,别放在心上